Thursday, 13 March 2008


ALICE VIEIRA, a famous Portuguese writer.
Alice Vieira, a famous Portuguese writer, visited our school on the 22nd January, to talk to us about her work, her life and, of course, her books.
All the students were very exited and some of them asked some questions to Alice. Here you can see some students from the class 8th A: Bárbara, Ana Laura, Luís, Catarina and Mariana.

Alice Vieira was born in Lisbon in 1943. She is a writer and a journalist. In 1967 she concluded her philology (linguistic science) degree at the Lisbon University.
Her first short story, 'Rosa, Minha Irmã Rosa', was published in 1979 and won "the Prémio de Literatura Infantil Ano Internacional da Criança".
Nowadays she writes mainly for children and teenagers (novellas, plays, short stories and an anthology of folk poetry). She has written more than 30 books.

Some student's works

"I don’t write happy endings but I approach life from its best side. My books always finish on an optimistic note, without covering up or forgetting the problems we experience", says Alice Vieira.

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Tatiana said...

She's a good writer ! : )

luis said...

Good moment! Interect with famous writers is very interesting...

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