Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Metin2 is a game of oriental action.
This game consists of killing monsters, to go to the next level, always trying to be the best warrior of the rank.
In this game you can kiss your girlfriend but, to do that, you have to pay at least 4€, because you need a mask of emotions and that is a special item.

In the game you can talk to another people, you can fight duels, fight against other kingdoms and you can also trade different items.
This game is very interesting but sometimes it makes us nervous but is a very funny game and it is for free.

Project Work done by: Fausto and João 8ºC


Juão said...

Hey! I play this game too!

Luís said...

Its great MMORPG, because there is language portuguese XD

Vitor 8ºC said...

It's a great game!
I played and I like so mutch!
It is very nice, really!

Nice Project Work!

joao 9ºN said...

I like this game
It's really cool