Saturday, 12 April 2008

My trip to Rome


Last year I went to Rome with my parents and my brother.
I could see museums and monuments absolutely fantastic. I loved the trip and especially the city. I met many nice people and even now I talk with them. Now, you can see some pictures of the city…

These pictures are about Vatican. This monument is absolutely fantastic and very big.

Coliseum is a beautiful monument and maybe the most famous of Rome because when we talk about Rome, we think about the coliseum. It’s a big monument because it has nearly 50 meters high.

I loved my trip to Rome. Rome is a very beautiful city and the monuments are extraordinary.
I loved the people, the monuments and the food, which was basically pasta but it was very tasty.

I just didn’t like the rain in one of the days because I couldn’t leave the hotel.

Project work from Catarina Mendes 8ºC


Anonymous said...

Very Good Catarina ... and on time!

The Teacher

Anonymous said...

The teacher said that almost nobody have coment this post, so I came here to do my coment.

The work is very interesting, because with this post we have learn something about Rome.

That's my opinion, next time I want to go with you...

Kisses for girls, Hugs for boys.


Raquel =D said...

My "maridinha" =)
Very good
kiss ...
I loveyou Catarina =D

Joana Martins said...

very good...

Vitor 8ºC said...

For that i'm watching in your photos, Rome must be wonderfull!

Go Rii!

Nice Project Work!