Tuesday, 6 May 2008

9º N

On September, 17th, 2008, 20 teenagers joined themselves together and formed the fantastic 9th N, a spectacular class, with a shining future waiting for them!

So we are here to talk about this “wonder” class. It had just passed some months but we already can say that this is a group that we are going to remember forever… It’s difficult to describe each person, because to do that it would be necessary an enormous dictionary!

In a general way they are all wonderful, excellent people and above all, excellent friends… Friends who help when it is necessary, that support us in all the decisions, helping, thus, to make all our dreams come true…
At the end of this school year we will follow different ways but we are sure that nobody is going to forget this brilliant class. Despite the separation we will continue to remember the good moments that we spent together, the good friends we found and, above all, that we will always keep everyone in our hearts.

It was with you that we fought to reach our goals, it was with you that we built new friendships that we will never forget, it was with you that we exceeded the trickiest and hardest moments, and it will be with you, that we are going to finish with pride our ninth grade…

Thanks 9th grade, thank YOU, MY FRIENDS!

Project work done by: Sandra Ribeiro e Rita Beleza, 9ºN


Isa said...

our class, really is fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

The best class of all times! The moments, the laughts, the friendships will be forever in our minds!

Mariana Leal

microsoft linux said...

my class

the best I've ever had

are my best friends

hugs for everyone

Anonymous said...

OK, OK, I must admit. I also liiiike this class. They are very nice, they behave "good" and they are adorable!!!

Ok, I'm the english teacher

Anonymous said...

This is the best project work!!! Congratulations!!!

Daniel Rodrigues