Monday, 12 May 2008


I’m João Moreira and I visited Paris in 2008, during the Easter vacations so I will try to tell what I’ve seen and what I’ve felt.
The day before the trip to Paris I was very excited because I knew it would be fun, because I would be in the Euro Disney and my parents wouldn’t be there (so I could do a lot of great stupidities)!!!
In the day of the trip I got up very early to go the school (I was sleeping) to catch the bus with my friends (from "Le Club de la Francophonie) to the airport.
The trip was very cool, because I had never travelled by plane and the experience was great.
When I reached Paris we were surprised because Paris is a wonderful and a big city.
We visited many monuments like the "Tour Eiffel", the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Louvre museum, la Geode, …
We have visited Disneyland Paris and this was my favourite part of the trip because it’s other world, with magic and lots of fun.
The trip was very tiring but those days were the best of my life.
An advice: visit Paris!!!!!!

Project work done by João Moreira, 9ºN


Anonymous said...

Disneyland is such another dimension, specially without our parents behind! That was the best part of the trip and those days were the best of my life too!

Mariana Leal

Tatiana said...

I, also, went to Paris : D