Tuesday, 21 October 2008

My best Summer

Hi! I'm Rafaela and this is my friend Joana!

Every year I go to the Algarve with my family (my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law and my nephew) for two weeks.
This year my holidays were the best ever, because my friend Joana went with us.
We left home in the last saturday of June and after about four hours of travel, finally we arrived to our destination: Rocha's Beach, Portimão.
In the morning we went to the beach that was near our hotel and in the afternoon we enjoyed the hotel's swimming pool.
The nights were also very cool because Portimão has a very busy and exciting night life.
During these holidays, we met a lot of cool people. We had a great time and we did things that we will never forget.
This summer was the best of all, no doubt !

Work done by: Rafaela, 9ºJ


Rafaela 9ºJ said...

This summer, is fantastic !
Thanks teacher..


Rafaela 9ºJ said...

* This summer was fantastic * Sorry

Tatiana , 9º J said...

Rafa in the best . : p