Friday, 18 January 2008


Hi! My name is Ana.

Our Religion teacher, Daniela, asked our class, 8ºM, to write some sentences about Friendship.
I wrote this poem in Portuguese and then I translated it into English with the help from my friend Alexandra and my English teacher Paula.

A Friend,
Is someone we will never forget,
He is always there.
It is a treasure,
And it is better than gold.
It is almost a brother,
In our heart,
It is a beautiful present.
When we need warmth, love and strength,
He is our hope in the loneliness.
The world turns into darkness,
And we grieve.

Fortunately, I can rely on your Friendship!!!

Posted by: Ana Costa, 8º M


Verea said...

I just loved the idea of writing in English and posting here! If only more teachers had great sense like you to encourage your students...
I have lived in the US and graduated in an English course here in Brasil (with S), also was a teacher for some you can guess how I love to write and speak English!
A great way to learn English too is through Lyrics, I have to confess that my collection only made my skills better, learning and singing along with the songs.

Alfred the Pug said...

Well, what a nice poem! Maybe you should create a blog where you write your poems. And why not start writing poems in English? English was my favorite subject in school (I liked Portuguese too).

I graduated with a college degree in Economics but now, and partly because I loved English so much, I live in the United States. I get to speak, read and write English everyday and all the time. Who says dreams don't come true?

All the best all the way from the USA--Your friend Rita

Sylvia said...

Beautiful poem.I agree Ana, friendship is a treasure.

Regards from Argentina

Framboesa said...

Nice blog...congratulations for your idea...keep going!

best Regards,

Miss Slim said...

keep on going and good luck :)
all the best :)

Batata Frita® said...

This is a good idea for put the kids writing in english. I love english and I try everything to don`t forget how to write or to speak, since I finish the university 5 years ago.

Natural Naturalmente said...

Nice blog, keep going!

Agdah said...

That's so cool.

João Couto (8ºA) said...

>> Brilliant the post, perhaps I will make a post too!

Bete said...

Beautiful blog. Congratulations for your idea.

Goreti said...

It's a very beautiful and meanful poem. We outta valorize a friend, 'cause it's the grater gift we have.


Gonzalez said...

well, it is a nice poem and a nice blog!

Anonymous said...

biuriful poem Ana...

my big fiend....

kiss Andreia Cristina 8.M

Juliana 8ºA said...

The teacher daniela also is my teacher.
The poem is very nice.
The friendship is very important for me.

Anonymous said...

I love it.. that's so BEAUTIFUL..

You're a nice friend!=)


By_Sara,Becas,Rute and Xana.. 8ºM

Anonymous said...

Put this poem here essentially for you ...
I love you staff the 8ºM. <3


Ana Costa 8ºM