Friday, 25 January 2008


My name is Ema. I'm on the 9th grade and I love to write lyrics, because my dream is to be a song writer and a singer someday... Here we have one of the songs I wrote.


It’s the same old same
And it is a shame
Living like this
It must have a finis

Fun and the same
Never match
I only have myself to blame
And to attach


Out of confusion
Into an illusion
It’s the final conclusion
Faith or coincidence
Maybe their fusion
It’s a new chance
It’s a revolution

Maybe it’s my time to fancy
My time to be happy
It’s a new opportunity
I’m a brand-new me


I must atone
My inside so alone
And now I perceive
Why I have to live
Faith is more than coincidence
But it doesn’t make sense
So I do not know
I started to live some years ago
But this is my time to born
And stop to mourn

Posted by: Ema, 9ºN


Tom said...

It is a very good poem!
I am feeling inspire!
Keep going

Alfred the Pug said...

This is very good, very introspective. There are a few places where some grammatical modifications could be made but overall, you have awesome potential. Keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Post : )

Anonymous said...

It Is Very Funny :)

Framboesa said...

Good inspiration!
Keep the good work!

best regards

Anonymous said...

Good lyric!
Keep up like this...
Luis 8ºA

P2 said...

Good poem ema and a good inspiration for this part of the World

if you want give a look to my blkg and to pass a good time and smile ;)

becas said...

uau ___________
it is a excelent poem . . .

I like very much ...
good work; keep going !!

anabela 8ºM

Anonymous said...

it's a good blog, but it needs to be more complete

Anonymous said...

Amazing Ema just amazing! Keep up with such a nice work!