Saturday, 31 May 2008


My name is Noémi and I’m going to do this work with Nádia.
We are best friends and we have everything in common. For example: we like football. Sometimes we go together to the stadium to watch football. We also like tecktonik music, and we love to dance it.

Our favourite food is potato chips with hamburgers and we like to drink coke at the MacDonald’s. We like to sleep together, so that we can talk till late.
The animals are very important in our lives.

We like to watch television and our favourite channel is MTV because it is about music and dance. Other think that we like to do is to take pictures from us and to put them in the computer.
At school we are always together: During the breaks we are always together listening to music and having fun with our class.
We are very obstinate and very proud. We belive this is the main reason why we are best friends.
Sometimes we go for a walk on Sunday and we have lunch together with our parents. So we think we are inseparables.
And of course ... after the school ... we are always together!!!

Project work done by Nádia and Moémi, 8ºM


Anonymous said...

Hi Girls!
I love your BLUE hats.They are adorable!

Paula Pinto

becas said...

F.C.PORTO !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Very nice.congratulations!!(*.*)


Apaixonada «3 said...

the best friends in the world...

i love you

kiss * *

Andreia cristina


Grade 5 and teacher Débora said...

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Apaixonada said...

i love my best friends 4éver =)

xinokita,néné and APAIXONADA =)