Saturday, 31 May 2008


We are going to talk about Marta.
She is a very amusing and different girl, mainly when she does 'those' faces, they are strange and very original.
We have something in common: we love the Tokio Hotel. Marta also adores Harry Potter, who is her favourite actor.
She is great and soft, has got long, curly hair and big eyes.

Once we slept in her house and we can tell you that her room is covered with posters from the "vedettes" that she likes the most. Marta adores jokes and she can imitate very well "Cocas".
All these things make her very special and we also know that we can trust her and that we are always going to have her support. She is a splendid girl! We hope we will never lose her friendship, otherwise it would be heart-breaking.
To finish we would like to leave a message to Marta because we know that she is going to read this:
"Your beauty is very simple: it comes from inside and it is reflected outside!"
Marta we dedicate this work to you, because you are a very special friend for us.
Big kisses for you!!!
Project work done by: Raquel Sobral and Sara Bernardo, 8ºA


Anonymous said...

MARTA, the english teacher is going to adopt you!
Paula Pinto

Grade 5 and teacher Débora said...

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