Saturday, 31 May 2008


We are Ana Catarina and Andreia Alves, we are students and we are here talk about friendship. Let’s see what it means!
Friendship is a feeling that should be always in our hearts. It means to trust our best friend and being faithful to him.
To preserve friendship, fidelity and honesty must always be present, because without these concepts we won’t have a real friendship.
A real friend is not the one who says “go ahead”, it is the one who says “I’m going with you”.
Friendship is like health: we just give it real importance when we are losing it!

Project work done by: Ana Catarina and Andreia Alves, 8ºM


Anonymous said...

Real friends are forever!
The teacher

Anonymous said...

it's good.


Princezinha said...

Hi girls!! I'm portuguese but i live and work in Ireland! This idea is fantastic and you are both lovely!! Please, continue with the blog!! Loads of kisses

nita S2 said...

beutifful work!

it's very good!


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Cláudia said...

Ana Carolina and Andreia. I think the same you do. Friendship is very important and a real friend is forever! Congratulations for your text!.