Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I love listen to music and I listen it everyday, on the radio or on the computer. I hear different types of music of different singers but my favourite singer is Chris Brown.

I love his songs. He’s an American hip hop, pop and R&B singer-songwriter, dancer, music video director and actor.
He is very young but he’s got a lot of fame like his songs: “Run It!”, “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)”, “Gimme That”, “Say Goodbye”, “Poppin”, “Wall to Wall”, “KissKiss”, With You”, “This Christmas”, “Take You Down” and “Forever”. My favourites are “With You” and “Forever”.

All these songs are singles but he also sings with other singers in the songs: “Shortie Like Mine”, “No air”, “Shawnty Get Loose” and “Get like Me”.
I’m sure that he is going to be very famous.

Project work done by: Ricardo Bruno, 9ºN


Tatiana said...

I Love Chris Brown :' D

Anonymous said...


i like this work... is very nice

keep working

Anonymous said...

Chris Brown is very cool!

Mariana Leal