Thursday, 8 May 2008


She is Jéssica.
She is tall, has got wavy brown hair and brown eyes.
Jéssica is slim and she is always trendy.
Psychologically, she is a good friend and I know that I can trust her. She Is very nice and funny. She knows all my secrets.
Jéssica is so beautiful that all the boys are in love with her.

She is Alexandra.
She is tall and slim. She wears glasses, has got wavy brown hair and brown eyes.
Alexandra likes alternative styles and she would like to be punk.
She is intelligent. Alexandra is addicted to All Star. Her favorite kind of music is Hardcore .

Some things that we like to do together are: laugh a lot, “persecute” some boys that we consider cute, sing JustGirls (making fun) during school breaks, dance like stupid ones and make fun of people. We are always taking crazy photos!
We talk about school, clothes, boys, music, TV … about everything.

Project work done by: Jéssica and Alexandra, 8ºM


Anonymous said...

It's our project work :p

kisses , alexandra

Anonymous said...

It's a our project work:)


becass said...

my friends !!!!!

kisses *.*

microsoft linux said...

your work this umm espectaculo. showing the qualities of one another.
is one of the best that the site

hugs for jessica e alexandra

Nta S2 said...

beutifful work!!!!

very, very good

best friens forever???

kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses

kiss Nita S2(janete 8ºM)

Anonymous said...

good work!!!