Friday, 9 May 2008


Chinese green tea farm

The tea appeared as a medicinal herb useful for our health. Besides being used as a medicine it is also a social drink. The first Europeans that tasted tea were the Portuguese that arrived in Japan in 1560.Europe started importing leaves and this drink rapidly became famous, specially among the rich people in France and Netherlands. The use of tea in Britain is due to Catarina de Bragança, a Portuguese princess that married with Charles the II.
Tea is traditionally used in its origin countries as a drink which is good to health in many ways.
Recently scientists have studied the effects of tea in our body and tried to get to know the substances that promote this effect. All kinds of tea have the same substances but the concentration is very different due to the preparation processes.

There are many kinds of tea such as:

Project Work done by: João Soares, 8ºE

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