Friday, 23 May 2008

Margarida in London

Hi! My name is Margarida and I’m 14 years old. In this work, I decided to talk about my trip to London, because I enjoyed it very much.
London is a very big and beautiful city!
Now, I’m going to talk about some places I went…How you should know, in London,there are lots of red buses, which show people the most important places in London. In the bus, you listen to information about the places where you are, in your own language.

We went to Hyde Park, where we saw squirrels walking around… It was very funny, because we could give them food!

This park has got a very interesting characteristic: when we arrived there some people were making speeches… About everything…! As the person was talking, some people assembled to listen to him/her! And then they started arguing, and giving their opinion!
It’s really funny, because they get really excited with that!!

The London Eye is a big wheel that moves very slowly, with many passenger capsules, and people go inside them to see the City of London!
It’s really very beautiful, specially at night…

I saw the Big Ben, too…

In London, many people travel using the underground (or the Tube)!There, it’s different from Portugal… The people on the escalator go on the right, the people who are in a hurry go on the left, this way they can run! And all people do that!

I went to Madame Tussauds! It is a museum where we can see some of the world’s most famous faces, made of wax.I really enjoyed it, because I took photos with the wax figures.

I went to the Buckingam Palace, to see it just from the outside…
It’s beautiful, too …

My favourite place in London was Covent Garden…
Covent Garden is so charming and beautiful!
There there are live performances, from street performers, jugglers to operas and violin players, who interact with the people who are attending. But it is specially a big place with many shops!!

Regent street

London by night!

I really enjoyed my trip to London, so I decided to share it with you!
I hope that you also enjoyed it!

Project Work done by: Margarida Fernandes , 8ºA


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Anonymous said...

Hello! Good project work...

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Anonymous said...

Também sou do Porto!

Rita 7ºN

Anonymous said...

Também sou do Porto!

Rita 7ºN