Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Life without them
Has no sense at all!
When you’re deep, They fight and defend,
Just to avoid you fall...

They are always there;
When you smile, when you laugh,
With them you can share
Everything you want, because they never say "enough"

They don’t mind listening to you,
They are the first who want to hear
Because they care about what you do...
They protect and hold you taking you away from fear!

They protect you when you need
But they don’t make the problems go away!
They can’t say that they are always agreed
Because that’s not what a friend should always say!

There are those times you are wrong
Times you need someone who tells you words of wisdom!
And a friend must be the first, to say where you belong...
The first to advise you, but you still have freedom
Freedom to chose, what is wrong, what is right...
And a friend would be there to make the darkness going to light!

A friend is all of this and a lot more
A friend is an invaluable treasure, you can’t just ignore!
Sometimes they are hidden, but always there
A truly friend, believe me, is the best thing you can ever have

Posted by: Eduarda Carvalho, 9ºF


Isa said...

is't fantastic, and at the it's true!!

Anonymous said...

well , it is true ...........