Monday, 28 April 2008

NELLY FURTADO - My favourite singer

Identity Card

Name: Nelly Kim Furtado
Nickname: Nelly
Age: 30 years old
Height: 1.57m
Date of birth: 2- 12 - 1978
Place of birth: Azores
Country: Canada
occupation: Singer and composer
Kinds: Pop, Pop Rock, Folk, R&B, Pop Rap
Instruments: Vocal, Piano, Viola
First experience: group "Nelstar"

Every day I listen to music because I enjoy music. When I don’t listen to music I feel unhappy. I listen to music that reflects my mood.
I listen to Nelly Furtado. She is a famous singer and she is my favorite singer. I like Nelly Furtado because she has beautiful songs. Some of the songs I like the best are, for example: “Whoa, Nelly”, “I’m like a bird”, “loose” and many others.
My favorite music is “Say right” and “Força”. They remind me my life.

Project work done by: Catarina Ribeiro, 8ºC

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Vitor 8ºC said...

Nelly is a big singer, princeply when she singed the music "Nelly Furtado - Força" during the EURO 2004 in Portugal.
Good Project Work!

GO Ribeiro